Nakedness knows no Stipulation (e.v.a.)

e.v.a. and Flight of the Swallows (gallery view – draft)

You have here a very advanced tool. So – you can use it to do good things and you can use it to do bad things – but the key is the way you choose.

Li Xu – Sense Time CEO

Moving Canvas: Verse 21,1 _ e.v.a.
Video Installation – e.v.a. (Chamber View)
Flight of the Swallows – each: pigmentprint
from the series: Flight of the Swallows – pigmentprint

Public Space

Echoe 3 (public space / series 3) – pigmentprint on Hahnemühle, 48 pieces
Dieses Bild hat ein leeres Alt-Attribut. Der Dateiname ist echoe_cs_214_hc_ucam_17.08_35ger_shade_web-1024x968.jpg
Echoe 3 (public space / series 2) – pigmentprint on Hahnemühle, 35 pieces
Echoe 3 (public space / series 4) – pigmentprint on Hahnemühle, 80 pieces