Probable Temporary Interspace

Remonta|Günther show in their ongoing project Nakedness knows no Stipulation the fundamental ambivalence that has characterized our modern understanding of images and visibility since the Renaissance(1).

In relation to the questions about the future that are increasingly pressing upon us, Remonta|Günther also pose anew the question of the power of faith. The believed in this faith, however, is rather faith itself: as utopia, as self-referential utopia, as utopia that stabilizes itself in itself.

(1) For the history see project: The Manifestation of Volumes

Christian Kupke, Berlin 2021

The space between objects – the fugue – is interesting for us. The recognition of correlations is revealing. In this sense, the work groups shown on this website, which are continuously expanding, are individual thematic components (comp) that we relate to each other depending on the given exhibition space and form (spatial installations, stage pieces, performances, lectures …). We call this Probable Temporary Interspaces. 

R|G, Berlin 2021

Storage – pigment prints on Hahnemühle